Saturday, August 29, 2009


We are at 25 weeks, but it's been hard getting pictures up to date and on the blog. So, here is a week 23 picture in the meantime :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First week at UNC-W and the Swine Flu :(

It's the second week of school, but it feels like we've been going for months now! We love Wilmington, and it's been a fun and tiring transition to a new campus with new students and a new way of doing ministry! We've already begun our freshman Bible Studies in Graham and Hewlett dorms (we both were assigned to reach out to the same dorm!) and it's been so fun meeting with freshmen!

Here are a few pictures of a way we tried to meet freshmen---we did a raffle for FREE rainbows! It was so fun and funny to see how students reacted to our larger than life Rainbows we displayed at our raffle table. (thanks to Hot Wax Surf Shop!)
Brittany (my Bible study co-leader) and I at the giveaway table in Graham-Hewlett dorm!

Reece with his Rainbow next to the BIG Rainbows :)

Another fun thing the first week of school was we threw a Pig Pickin out at Carolina Beach State Park. The first weekend of school, freshmen are always looking for something to do, and people to meet. We wanted to offer some fun, games and pig for those sweet freshmen...and upperclassmen too! Here are some pics of the preparation:
How ironic that just days after we were eating delicious pig, the swine flu rolls onto the scene here in Wilmington. I don't know many people at UNC-Wilmington yet but I know at least 6 people who have come down with the swine flu in the past 48 joke. And somehow I've managed to be with 3 of them the day before they found out they had it. YIKES!

Please pray for us....and baby Johnson...that we won't get sick!!! It's a big deal getting the swine flu while you're pregnant and I'm praying that I will somehow avoid it. thanks!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We're in our house and the belly is growing!

We have been in our house for over a week now! The paint is on the walls and the boxes are mostly unpacked....thanks to our wonderful family and friends down here in Wilmington! Tomorrow we head off to our leaders retreat with the student leaders with Cru at UNC-Wilmington...please pray that it would be a refreshing time for the students and that we would train and equip these students to reach out to their peers this year.

We'll leave you with a recent pregnancy picture... I'm currently 22 weeks, but this is from week 20!