Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jacob's first STATE game!

This past weekend Reece and I brought Jacob to his first NC State basketball game! Thanks to my sister Jen, who gave the tickets to Reece for his Christmas present :) We played my hometown team, Wake Forest and we WON! The Pack isn't doing so great these days, so that was a very happy surprise. What's even happier is this baby!

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That smile is just precious!

As a very special treat, we were even able to spend some time with Kathryn and Brandon Guy, who opened their beautiful home to us. Thanks! Also, we were able to see Jeremy, Caryn and my sister Jen! It was a great little trip to Raleigh :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow in Wilmington

So, it snowed in Wilmington!!!! Here a few pics!
Reece and Jacob snapping a quick pic in the front yard
We thought...what is better than snow? Snow on the beach! We, along with the Treece's, went to Carolina and Kure Beach to check it out and it was BEAUTIFUL!
We went to Bojangles to get their heart-shaped BoBerry biscuits to enjoy on the beach...Mmmm!
The trees at Kure Beach were gorgeous!
We love snow days :)