Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our beautiful niece Ava Kathryn!!!

This past weekend, we celebrated our little niece being born...her name is Ava Kathryn Johnson, and she is a heart-breaker already. She is so beautiful!

Reece with sweet Ava.

this is me realizing how hot babies are....I was burning up while holding her!

Look at that face....seriously, she's the cutest ever!

Another highlight to our weekend was spending time with our other niece Elizabeth. One of the things we hate about living in Asheville is being so far away from Reece's family...his mom, dad, brother and sister (along with their spouses and kids) all live at least 4 hours from us. So, having a whole weekend to play with our little niece was such a sweet surprise! Here are some pictures of her:Yep, that's right...she's a cutie too! Jeremy will have his hands full with these two beauties!

We're so thankful for a special weekend with family. Thanks for letting us dote on our nieces as well :)


Amber Rose said...

so cute!!

Kathryn said...

woowoo! good name, that ava kathryn. she's destined to be awesome.