Saturday, March 21, 2009

Big Break!!

The first week of March, we did something we've never done since joining staff with Campus Crusade for Christ--we took a group of students down to Big Break down in Panama City Beach! For the past few years, we've never had enough interest to plan a Spring Break trip, but this year we were so excited that our students at Western Carolina University wanted to go.

For those of
you who are unfamiliar with Big Break, it's a week-long conference that exists to train college students how to share their faith in Jesus, and give them opportunities to reach out to Spring Breakers on the beach. Our students were really excited for an opportunity to step out and introduce their peers to the transforming message of the gospel. One of the students who came with us to PCB went on spring break there in 2008 to party and drink the week away. This time he wanted to come with us to come alongside students who were confused and desiring more in was cool to see him use his past to bring glory to God on spring break!

One of our favorite parts of the week was spending so much time with our students. Since we work on multiple campuses, it was a treat getting to spend a whole week with the students we work with. Getting to "do life" with students is something we love, so it was a great opportunity for us! We cooked meals, hung out on the beach, and shared our f
aith with those we was a great week!

In other news, our summer project in Sweden is approaching fast! Two months from now we'll be in Uppsala, Sweden! We leave Mid-May, and will spend 5 weeks ministering to college students in that great Scandinavian country! As one of the directors, Reece has been very busy planning and getting details for the summer project worked out. Please pray for him as he gets all of these necessary details together. Thanks friends!

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Danielle said...

I went to big break once while we were in college... there was definitely a group there with shirts on that said (and I quote): "Bible Trip 2004" and they wore those shirts with jeans and carried around heavy backpacks as they shared their faith on the beach... it was weird. Hope y'all didn't do that! : )