Wednesday, September 2, 2009


If you get our newsletters, you'll hear this story again, but I couldn't wait to tell this wonderful story about a Japanese exchange student here at UNC-W....ENJOY!

Mary, there are no pictures in the Bible...but this makes sense to me! Mary Ann sat quietly studying when Japanese exchange student Yuki stopped by to tell her about the life changing lunch he just had.

Yuki came to UNC-Wilmington for 5 weeks last spring with the English as a Second Language program,. While in Wilmington, many students involved with Campus Crusade befriended him including Mary Ann. One day over dinner, Mary Ann asked Yuki what he believed about God. Everyone Yuki knew back home in Japan was Buddhist, so he told her that’s what he believed as well. Yuki continued to come to CRU events throughout his short 5 weeks stay in America, and after going home he bought a Bible corresponded with Mary Ann about his studies of Christianity . Over the summer, Yuki decided to come back to Wilmington, and emailed Mary Ann to tell her he would return as an exchange student for the whole fall semester! Mary Ann remembers Yuki emailing and asking “Can I join Campus Crusade when I return to Wilmington? I am not a Christian, but I am really into it!.” Of course, Mary Ann invited him to come back, and he was reunited with his American friends.

On August 31st, Yuki sat down over lunch with his Campus Crusade Bible study leader, Riley and staff member Chad. Throughout their lunch conversation Riley and Chad were able to clearly communicate the gospel message to Yuki. They explained and drew diagrams that would bridge the communication barriers, and over lunch Yuki understood Jesus and the gospel for the first time! He decided right there that he wanted to become a Christian!

Yuki is excited about his newfound faith. He even asked Mary Ann to take a picture with him on the day he gave his life to Christ. As the picture snapped, Yuki held up the picture diagram Riley and Chad used to explain Jesus to him. It was evident that Yuki wanted to remember what his friends had done to point him to Jesus.

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