Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby showers and Babymoon

We are a little less than 8 weeks from our due date of Dec 11th! The past month has been filled with lots of celebration and preparations for Baby Johnson. A few weeks ago, some of my greatest friends threw me a baby shower, which was so fun! Not only did I feel so celebrated and blessed with their gifts and prayers, it was also amazing to reunite with so many special friends. Thanks to Amalie, Brandi and Amy for planning it!

All the girls at the baby shower with their hands on Baby J!!

Here I am with Amalie and Amy....we're leaving a spot for Brandi who couldn't make it to the shower...we missed you Brandi!

Last week Momma Love came to Wilmington for a cooking day in preparation for baby's arrival. after a day of cooking, we had 13 days worth of dinners prepared! That really made me feel a sigh of relief just knowing that some meals were already made, since I hear that the first 2 months are especially tiring and draining. Thanks Mom!

And last, this past weekend, Reece and I went on our long awaited BABYMOON! You may be wondering what that is--it was basically our last getaway together before the baby arrives. It's crazy to think about it like that! We're so used to life just me and'll be quite the adjustment! We went to Myrtle Beach for the weekend and had a relaxing time just being together. We walked on the beach, ate good food, and had important talks about what life will be like when baby arrives. We tried to decide a name for him, but we're still stuck.
Reece and I the last day of our Babymoon!

My 32 week picture

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you are the cutest pregger i have ever seen:)