Friday, November 6, 2009

New York City!

We found out yesterday that we will be spending this summer in New York City!! As many of you know, we spent the summer of 2008 in NYC and absolutely LOVED it!!! We are really pumped that we get to go back to this wonderful city to serve the Lord! We'll give you more details in the months to come but for now, would you just pray that LOTS of students would give up this summer to go to NYC with us!?

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Also, we will be heading up to New York City on Sunday for a week long ministry opportunity called Cross 09. Basically we will be engaging in cross-cultural ministry in Brooklyn all week alongside the other Campus Crusade staff who work in the city. We are excited! Our one hesitation all along has been that Stephanie is 35 weeks (as of today) and we were nervous about her traveling so late in pregnancy. Would you pray that she would stay healthy and that for now Baby Johnson would stay right where he is? Thanks so much!

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