Monday, May 26, 2008

Weddings and Babies

We are officially in the heat of the wedding and baby season of life. We've been amazed at how many weddings we've gone to in the past year, and how many of our friends who are already married are starting to have babies. Also, Reece's sister Kelly and sister-in-law Caryn are both pregnant too! I understand now why people start getting baby fever when their friends start having babies. Mom says I need to babysit to ward the fever off.

Above is a shot of Reece holding baby Ben Meredith. Reece was sure to wear his Wolfpack red to balance out all of the Carolina gear baby Ben was already wearing. I'm not too sure Jacq and Ben liked that one :) We also celebrated at two weddings this month: Laura and David Sloan as well as Nik and Lindsay Franks. Here are some fun shots from their weddings:

David and Laura driving away in their sweet ride!

Nik and Lindsay during their vows!

I love getting to celebrate at these fun occasions!

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