Monday, January 28, 2008


Exams, papers, classes...I knew about halfway through college that I was ready to get out of there. Come to think of it, it was the same way when I was in high school....and middle school...and probably before that. Really, my whole life has been me waiting for the next thing to come along. I'm addicted to living in the future. But what happens when you get out of school, and become the "adult" you've been waiting to be this whole time-- It's then that you come face to face with the heart of the problem. And I'm there...I'm discontent.

I know that I "shouldn't" feel like that. I know better than anybody how blessed I am. I have the greatest husband ever, a relationship with Christ that gives my life meaning and satisfaction, family who would do anything for me, and friends who I love so much. But, don't we all come to those points in our life where we become sick of where we're at?? How many of us have spent hours daydreaming about a life that is foreign to our current existance--longing for a life without the worries we deal with everyday; of working so much and playing so little.

It was so much easier being in college dreaming of the place that today is reality for me. In my daydreams, today seemed so much more carefree and easy. As I've thought about this today, I think that's the danger of living in the future...wollowing in discontentment. We don't ever run into the wall of reality--real life is hard...not like the idealistic easy life we dream about.

I'm thankful in this time that I can trust the Lord, and His plan for me in this time. Although I'm discontent, He is very content. He knows the plans He has for me, and He's not surprised by my fact He plans to use it for His good.

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