Friday, January 25, 2008


Well, as you can see, Stephanie, who will be posting as "Love", and I have decided to start a blog. I have never blogged until now and have alway been intrigued and have secretly want to join the blogging world. I'll have to admit that I'm a little nervous about it because I'm not much of a writer and because I'm not sure if I'm going to have a lot to talk about. But, we hope this blog will serve has a place to post stories, ponderings we have, pictures of our experiences, and of course to keep you up to date on what we're up to. There may even be the occaisional soapbox. So thanks for reading and we hope you'll check this out every now and then.

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Erin Wellman said...

I'll be the first to comment on the Love Johnson blog! I love getting your updates...Keep 'em comin :). Praying for you guys...and ps, I know how it is (Steph) to give up that first is a little sad and a time to shed a tear. (Moment of silence for all those who have had to say goodbye to their first love...aka, their first car...that's probably not the most biblical thing I've ever said)