Friday, January 25, 2008

Tribute to my egg..

Many knew and loved my little egg over the 8+ years of her life with me. She blinded many people with her "egg yolk" fog lights and her sweet hatchback was her most admirable feature. In a bittersweet moment, we said goodbye to, another family adopted my sweet little egg (**single tear**)

As I drove her for the last time today, I was surprised at how memories flooded back, and I actually was kinda sad. It's strange how I've had the egg through so many stages of life. As I think back to the person I was when my parents bought me this car when I was 15--I was a different person! Since getting that car, I've experienced my first "real" date, numerous speeding tickets, driving back and forth to college, meeting the man of my dreams, getting's amazing that this car has seen more important times with me than even Reece has! What a sad thing to say goodbye...

When we arrived at the State Employees Credit Union to meet Cindy (Egg's new mom), we were surprised to hear her say she had decide a name for Egg. A new name?? I told her that no one had ever called my egg anything other than "the Egg." Cindy didn't seem to have the same love for that name, and had decided to name my egg Honeysuckle.

SO, in memory of the car formerly known as "Egg", I write this post. So long.

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BeckysueK said...

YAH for blogs! glad you two have made it into the wild wild world of the bloggers!!!!!!!! :)