Monday, June 2, 2008

Our first day in the city!

We were so glad to finally be in New York City today. After 13 hours sitting on a train yesterday, we both were happy to be out walking around....and boy did we walk A LOT today! Reece had a pedometer in his pocket throughout the day, and it reads that we walked 15991 steps (6.7 miles) today. Whew! It makes me thankful to be sitting down again :)

Our apartment is not available until Wednesday so we've been staying in a hotel in Queens. We had meetings this morning in Manhattan, so we had our first subway ride of the summer this morning. We waited for 20 minutes for it to arrive which we didn't expect...thank goodness we learned yesterday to be early!!

After our meeting, all of the directors went up to the Bronx to the Bronx Zoo! It was really fun, and amazing to see all the animals. We saw some pretty strange things as well. A gorilla threw up in his hands twice and proceeded to eat his own throw up both times. I know I'm probably weird, but that was my favorite part.

After the zoo, Reece and I went to Bryant Park in Manhattan to have a little date for our 1 1/2 year anniversary! We got sandwiches and brought them to a little table in the cute. From the park you can see the Empire State Building on one side, the Chrysler Building to another side, and lots of pretty grass which is an endangered species here. It was very nice...oh, and we were able to sit again. I liked that.

Here is Reece with the sandwich shop in the was named 'Wich Craft. I definitely recommend it. We're excited for another day tomorrow!


Brad Christian said...

Sounds so amazing. I glad that this time next week I will be getting ready to fly out with the Katie, Dustin, and Sarah. See you soon!

Caroline said...

Fun stories! Keep them coming!