Sunday, June 8, 2008

Team Bonding

These past few days have been great. Our staff team arrived on Wednesday, so since then we've spent lots of time getting to know each other in hopes that we'll lead well together this summer. I'm so excited about the fun group of people God has brought together. On Friday evening and all day Saturday, we spent time sight-seeing and also learning about the campuses we'll be ministering on this summer. We also spent 5 hours telling each other about our stories in an exercise we call "Soul to Soul". It was so fun hearing how different we each are, but how we are all here for the same purpose. Here are the FUN staff we'll be spending the summer with--these pictures are from the BBQ festival in Madison Square Park!: From left to right: Eden-- on staff at University of Tennessee, Erik--on staff at Syracuse University and Jonathan--on staff in Albany, NY

Above are Hobie and Hannah Wood, who are on staff at Appalachian State University. We also spent last summer with this WONDERFUL couple, and are sharing our apartment in Queens this summer with them.

The students arrive this Tuesday! I'm so thankful for this past week--I've been able to get used to the fast-paced city life, and get to know our staff team before welcoming our students. Please pray that the students would have a safe, relatively easy transition here to NYC and getting used to the culture shock that can happen. Thanks for praying!

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Brad Christian said...

2 more days! I'm glad yall are scouting everything out for us. I'm excited!!! See you Tuesday!