Thursday, June 5, 2008

We finally have a place to live!

As of yesterday, we finally moved into our home for the summer...a cozy little apartment in Queens. We're sharing the 2 bedroom apt with our friends Hobie and Hannah Wood, who are also doing ministry with us this summer. The housing we found for students this summer doesn't have accommodation for couples or families, so each had to sublease various different apartments in the city. Our apartment was particularly hard to find for some reason, and we actually took the train up to NYC not knowing where we would spend the next's been quite the faith stretching experience! Here are some pictures of our apartment--that kitchen picture was after extensive cleaning by Hannah and myself...It's a bachelor pad, so as you could imagine, it wasn't as clean as we would have hoped (no offense guys). Along those lines, the guy we're subleasing from was in a hurry leaving for Chicago that day, so he left lots of random things out that we had to clean up--dirty dishes in the sink (with no dishwasher other than us), dirty towels hanging in the bathroom, and--as shown in the picture-- shoes on the floor! After getting our apartment ready for someone to live in it while we were gone, this was definitely a surprise...but, needless to say cleaning up a little bit didn't kill us, so we'll be ok.

One thing that's been pretty fun lately is getting used to the subway system. I imagined that it would be tough to learn, but I had no idea there were so many routes and lines to navigate. It's like a big puzzle for me. Well one really fun subway memory was made tonight. Reece and I were coming home from the Campus Crusade office, and were bringing a rolling shelf with us back to our apartment (because we have basically no drawers or closet space in our room). We walked from the office to Grand Central Station and had to roll the shelves to take the train. Well it was late, and we were tired so we started doing acrobatics in the middle of Grand Central Station using our are some pictures:

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you guys have a place to live! That's pretty awesome that it's in Queens so you'll be near the rest of project! Hope you continue to enjoy NYC! :)